Meepup 11/1/18 - Building High Performing Websites

Overview: During this Meetup we will be discussing how to build high performing eCommerce websites with WordPress and Woocommerce. Regardless of your experience, you will get something from this presentation. If you are a beginner you can do things right from the beginning and if you are a seasoned pro you will learn a number of optimization tips used to achieve the GTMetrix score in the Meetup featured image.

Bring your computer because we will be doing it live and you can build your own during the Meetup. This is a free Meetup and building your example site will be free as well. We will be hacking for about an hour with 30 minutes after for questions and another 30 for networking with everyone. That is the plan, but let's see how it goes and what the experience level is on everyone in attendance. We can do it however we want.