Meetup 11-15-18 – Digital Marketing 101

At this MeetUp the plan is to give an introduction to digital marketing. However, like all Meetups we do, it will depend on the audience. If we have a crowd that have mid and advanced level experience, we will do a presentation more geared towards that.

I plan to discuss SEO, paid search, mobile, email marketing and social media marketing. We will discuss:

- the basic theory behind each
- tools and software to better accomplish business goals
- Things to watch out for.
- If you do decide to higher out, what to look for

This is a free Meetup. We currently do not offer services to the general public so all we will be doing is sharing information. We love to do these for the networking opportunity.

The plan is to do about an hour talk and then leave a half an hour for questions and another half an hour for networking. I hope to see you there and bring a friend. All are welcomed.

The slide presentation below is not mine but I will be using it as a guide post for the Meetup.

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